Emilia's Pizzeria
Check back here for current wait times and other exciting news.

You can begin ordering at 8:55 AM.

Some caveats and disclaimers: If you have not paid, you have not ordered. We will not receive your credit card information - payment is handled by Square, and you should receive a confirmation email from them. Do not enter sensitive information into our website, as it will likely be stolen by and/or sold to the Russians, Chinese, Rigellians, NSA, Wikileaks and others, if it hasn't been already.

This ordering system is very much still under development. We hope it's great, but there will be some rough edges.

Sorry, you cannot place an order at this time. Orders can't be made before 8:55 am. Emilia's Pizzeria is not open today, AFAIK (though sometimes they forget to tell me). [0]

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