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What is this page for?

PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY (Updated: 2021-02-09)

This page allows you to request that we call you to take an order. It does not take orders directly. Like actual orders, callback requests are for same-day pizzas only.

The window for making callback requests starts at 9:01 AM and ends when the limit of requests is reached, or at 3 PM, whichever comes first. You can start entering your information at 8:55 AM. Anyone who enters their contact info between 8:55 AM and 9:01 AM will be entered in a lottery that creates a randomized queue for selecting pizza pickup times.

Once you have complete your callback request (and received a confirmation number), the pizza pickup time(s) you selected will not be available to anyone else to request through this system, so please do not request times that you do not truly want.

Callbacks are made between 3:30 and 3:59. For optimum results, be available during that time at the phone number you indicate. If you do not answer when called, your pizza pickup times will not be held.

Some caveats and disclaimers: Not all callback requests will be fulfilled. If you are not presented with a confirmation code, you probably did not successfully submit a callback request. You cannot actually place an order with us via this or any website or app. The callback system is only for use by individuals ordering pizzas from us. Any other use will be rebuffed. This exclusion very much includes use by third party ordering and delivery companies, who generally are incapable of working with us and providing a decent experience for would-be consumers. Do not enter sensitive information into our website, as it will likely be stolen by and/or sold to the Russians, Chinese, Rigellians, NSA, Wikileaks and others, if it hasn't been already.

The callback system is still under development. It's kinda great, but sometimes doesn't work out. If you don't properly complete all the fields and all the steps, stuff you want to happen may not.


Check back here for current wait times and other exciting news.

Sorry, you cannot make a callback request at this time. Call back requests can't be made before 9 a.m. Emilia's Pizzeria is not open today, AFAIK (though sometimes they forget to tell me). [0]

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